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    HomeCareers〉Learning & Development
    Learning Program
    Anpec's training program is based on satisfied all our employees on their training requirements, and achieve a Win-Win situation between one's long-term career planning and the company's growth.

    • Orientation
    • Company Culture
      Safety Training
      Quality Training
      On Job Training
    • Technical Training
    • Power IC
      Discrete Power Devices
      Amplifier and Driver
    • Management Training
    • Daily Management
      Personnel Management
      Advanced Management
    • Humanity Training
    • Music
    • Personal Effective Training
    • Manage Self
      Manage Work

    Your Development in ANPEC
    ANPEC devote to provide employees with diverse career development possibilities. Not only through training course, we also encourage job rotation to train employees for wider experience to be the winner of our internal promotion policy.