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    • APW8878A : High Input Voltage 5.1V / 8A Synchronous Buck Converter
    • Feature

      · Wide Operating Range from +5.5V to +24V Input Voltages
      · Power-On-Reset Monitoring on VIN at 4.5V ~ 4.9V range
      · Built-in 100uA low quiescent current
      · Support IOUT = 8A Application
      · Built in PWM & PFM Control Schemes with COT architecture
      · Built in Integrated Bootstrap Forward P-CH MOSFET
      · Fixed Switching Frequency from700KHz
      · Fixed 5.1V VOUT REF voltagewith +0.6%accuracy
      · Support Ultrasonic Mode selection on EN Pin
      · Support built-in fixed Soft Start time 2.4ms
      · LP# Output Voltage Control


      · Notebook
      · Graphic card
      · Motherboard