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    • APW7703C : 1.5MHz PMIC for Battery Powered System with I2C Controller
    • Feature

      · Available in Linear Mode or Switch Mode Charge
      · High Efficiency 1.5A at Switch Mode Charge
      · Single Input USB-compliant/Adapter Charge
        - Input Voltage and Current Limit Supports USB2.0 and USB3.0
        - Programmable Input Current Limit : 100mA,500mA, 900mA, 1300mA, 1700mA, 2100mA ,2500mA
      · 3.9V-6V Input Operating Voltage Range
        - Support Input Voltage DPM Regulation
      · 1.5MHz Switching Frequency for Low Profile Inductor
      · Autonomous Battery Charging with or without Host Management
        - BatteryCharge Enable
        - Battery Charge Preconditioning
       - Charge Termination and Recharge


      · DSC/DVR
      · Action Camera
      · Li-Ion battery powered devices