Advantages of the stylus pen feature of the Samsung galaxy note

Though it was Available for almost half an hour, the Samsung Galaxy Note has seen its first TV advertising campaign and it has been announced that earnings have topped the 5 million mark. In the following report, I will look at one of the features of the handset how it can benefit various kinds of users and that is not found on many smartphones; the stylus pencil. The stylus pencil on the Samsung Galaxy Note is saved inside the phone when not being used and is optimized for the apparatus. This can be in a hole it is just inserted and clicks in to position where, keeping it.  Among the primary Demographics which may gain from a pen is business users. Since the Samsung Galaxy Note includes a sizable 5.3 inch touch screen, it is excellent for numerous business applications.

Galaxy Note 8

To take advantage of the, business user may set up a program from Google Play, known as Documents to Go. This really is a smartphone version of the Microsoft Office bundle. User have the ability to make fully working spreadsheets, when using the Excel purpose of the on the touch screen, along with the stylus pen makes this simple; giving control inputting and when picking cells. The Samsung Galaxy Note also gets the additional advantage of built-in handwriting recognition, which means it is possible to take notes at a meeting with the pen. These can subsequently be converted to electronic text, which may subsequently be utilized in a Word file or email etc. The stylus pen can be used to sign documents, which can be emailed to one office or delivered to a printer. As you can see, business users can benefit from the pen characteristic of this Samsung Galaxy Note in several of ways.

The S-Pen can be utilized for more purposes. There is accessible from Google Play A popular game known as Draw Something. It has had across iOS and Android platforms. In which you play against the other participant it is essentially an edition of the Pictionary format. You are given a word, which you must draw on hints to get and your competitor needs to guess the word. The stylus pen means that you have control over your drawings, from using your finger with finer levels of detail than you can attain. There are obviously more programs of the pencil on the Galaxy Note 8 however as you can see, business users as well can reap. The Samsung Galaxy Note is actually among the most innovative apparatus from the favorite maker, but the mix of its large display and stylus pen make it among the very unique devices on the market and using its new marketing campaign in the United Kingdom, its popularity seems set to grow further

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